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Kicking Risk to the curb …

March 10, 2023

Motorsports come with an inherent amount of risk for both participants and spectators, but a few simple, routine checks can help keep Risk from ruining the race. To help track owners and managers stay a step ahead, we’ve created an Insurance Checklist (download the PDF!) to keep handy:

Grandstands: WEEKLY walk-through
• Wooden grandstands – seat boards, footboards conditions: ensure there are no rotten boards, splinters, loose nuts and bolts, or structural issues. Repair any issues found.
• Concrete – seating areas must be in good repair and well maintained.
• Walkways – steps painted and handrails present where needed. Non-skid surface recommended.
• End and Back Rails should be in good condition to not allow fall through on the sides and top rows.

Parking Lot Conditions
• Fencing must be in good condition and gates need to be accessible.
• Surface must be kept smooth to prevent trip and fall hazards.
• Security – during events, the lot should be regularly patrolled by security to help prevent vandalism and ensure safety.
• Exit and Entrance Signs are to be posted and clearly marked.
• Lighting – all lots and access points must be well lit.

Restricted Area
• Restricted areas are defined as an area where the general public is not intended to enter. This typically refers to areas where race participants sign in and prepare their vehicle to race.
• Adult Waivers – all persons age 18 years and older participating in a race MUST sign a “Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.”
• Minor Waivers – All persons under the age 18 MUST have a “Minor Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement” signed by legal guardian(s). This can be signed one time for the year and kept on file at the Speedway office. Thereafter, the minor must sign-in weekly (some type of log-in form, just not the adult waiver).
• Pit gate – if open, MUST BE STAFFED AT ALL TIMES during the event to prevent unauthorized entry.
• Mandatory Speed Limits signs must be posted in restricted areas (recommend 10 mph or slower).
• All photographers, media personnel, and Emergency Vehicle personnel must be kept in secured, designated areas protected by barriers and/or fencing.
• All personnel in restricted or pit areas MUST be contained in areas secured by barriers or fences. Workers Compensation should cover all persons in unsecured areas (track officials, safety crews or employees).
• Personal property in the restricted area is not covered by your General Liability policy; only official vehicles are covered and a deductible may apply.

Fencing / Support Post
• Condition of fencing should be immediately repaired if damaged, i.e. if vehicles cause damage to track fencing, repair the fencing prior to starting races.
• Damaged posts should be replaced with new. Bent, broken, and rusted posts are not acceptable.
• Cables must be kept tight. Check all cables weekly.

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